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What is A Branded WEbsite?

Branded websites are a website designed to showcase what your company offers and guide potential customers into becoming leads by calling you directly or filling out a contact form. What branded websites do not do is offer extra functionalities like a checkout, scheduling or other functionality requiring further integrations of other software or custom web development.

How To Get Started

When you start your new branded website with us we begin with a call with one of our creative directors. They will go over in detail your companies highlights and messaging. From your unique selling proposition (USP) to the primary goals of your website. By developing a brand manual including fonts and colors, your brand can look uniform anywhere it is found online. Graphic design, user experience and website design are usually completed within the first one to two weeks on a new website design project.

Staging Domain

When you and your creative director have agreed on a design to move forward with, our web development team gets to work building a new website for you in a staging domain like This allows us to do all the coding and testing we need to do without impacting your current website until we are ready to launch.

Revise & Launch Your Website

During the process of designing a new website with us we will ask for a couple rounds of revisions. This will be done on the creative side and the coding side. Upon receiving final approval, we aim to launch your website at a time there is not likely to be as much traffic on it. While most sites are only down an hour or so during this process, we don’t want you to miss any traffic during migration of your new website if you don’t have to. Also, on larger sites with heavy traffic, we always launch the site overnight so that your site is getting as little traffic as possible during any downtime.

Powerful Website Design

Website design and development are at the core of what we do. We make extra certain to optimize everything possible on a new website. Great looking websites are well, great to look at, but without the proper optimization they will miss a large percentage of potential opportunities. We bring the best of website design and website development together to give your business all the tools it needs to succeed in digital marketing.

Areas We Cover:

  • User Experience
  • Meta Data
  • Schema Markup
  • Caching
  • Code Minification
  • XML Sitemap
  • On Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Headers
  • Alt Text
  • Image Optimization
  • & More!

Our Websites Stand The Test of Time

Many people we meet that have already designed a website, or a few websites, identify that the last thing they want to do is design a new website with us only to do another in a year or two. We design our websites to last for many years and stand the test of time. By utilizing only the most current and up to date technology and code this is something we excel at. Trust that your website will be able to convert your business new leads and sales for many years to come when you design a new website with us here at Clickflame.


Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your business online for higher rankings and more traffic. Popular areas of optimization include on-site, local, organic, national and back-linking. Whether your business is just starting out or you’ve been around longer than a century, people make new purchasing decisions online more than any other avenue of consumer outreach.  

As an alternative to paid search traffic as a search user acquisition channel, often times the cost per acquired lead is just lower. In comparison to paid search traffic, well maintained search engine marketing campaigns can lead to long term traffic growth as well as a dependable ongoing supply of new potential buyers for your business.

Not limited to any one tactic or strategy, search engine optimization is best defined by the intent of the actions of a digital marketing strategy to obtain better results from popular search engines than any one specific service. 

Not all back links are created equal. There are plenty of unsafe and potentially harmful back link strategies. One good guide on safe back links is to look at whether the website they are on is industry related to the site it is linking to. Another good point is to only use back links that are surrounded by a body of content that would also be highly relevant to your website’s content. We do not use any unsafe or potentially harmful sources for back links we create and have thorough testing measures in place to safeguard our campaigns. 

Yes you certainly can. To this end, we have created several free downloads on our website to assist you in this endeavor. However, when attempting to do your own search engine optimization you should understand that the majority of your time in the beginning will be learning what the right steps are to take, followed by the time it takes to learn how to implement the right steps you have found. We work often with companies to train their staff in house to internally manage parts or all of a search engine marketing campaign.

We like to refer people that ask for free tools to audit search engine optimization to as well as a free chrome extension called SEO Quake developed by Another great and free tool for testing speed and performance of your website would be Website speed and performance often times has a harsh impact on optimization campaigns if highly sensitive areas are not taken care of before trying to get more traffic.

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