Website Development

What is Website Development

Web Development overlaps into website design. A website developer though is more often tasked with fixing code issues or integrations between different technology sets. The website development process includes scripting, network configurations, hosting setup, and security measures for your website.

Website Development?

Chances are if you have a new website designed there is a website developer behind the project. At least there should be if you’re getting a good website made.

How to get started

Make certain to define what functionality you want to see on your website. Areas a website developer often works on are areas of your website that store customer information or allow consumer interactions. Scheduling, making a payment, or compensating for heavy traffic on your website are some common areas of web development we work on daily.

Software Development

Web development is not software development. While many of us here at Click flame have built an app or two in our lifetime, software development is a totally different aspect of coding and development than we are staffed to offer to our clients.

We’re Full Stack

Our capabilities range from optimizing websites on any content management system to building one from scratch in any CMS you would like to see it build in. Whether you need database architecture, Magento development, or some good old school work we have the staff to do it. Our primary focus though is the design and development of WordPress websites. We focus primarily on WordPress because we believe it has the strongest capability to rank better on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.