Is Your Digital Marketing Working?

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Digital Marketing

What Is Yours Doing for your Business?

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Do You Know The Answer?

Whether you hired a marketing agency who promised you the moon or you are a business owner who has been trying to figure it out for yourself, you have just become keenly aware that something isn’t right. Are you tired of spending your marketing budget every month and not knowing what you’re actually getting for it?

We Understand Because We Have Been There

We have been through the frustrations of marketing with no results to show for them. They say you can’t manage what you can measure, and we know how much more this rings true when it comes to your marketing. We give you measurable results, and work with you and your team to get the results you need.


Digital Marketing Is What We Do

Whether you need more leads or just more online sales our team of professionals know exactly how to get the job done. We do a deep dive into your business to understand your customers and what makes them take action. We then expertly craft a tailor made strategy unique to your company's needs. Our goal is to get the best customers knocking on your door!

How Do We Do This?

When we start working on your digital marketing we identify your business may need search engine optimziation, paid ads, social media marketing, content marketing or a new website design. Every industry has their own unique customer buying process and where their customers are looking. We pay attention to the smallest of details as areas to focus on in order to harness the power of the full digital landscape.

Why We Are The Best

Our team of specialists have deep roots in all aspects of digital marketing. We have teams of people who focus specifically in certain areas. The team that focuses on SEO is not the team that builds advertising campaigns, and the team that are social media wizards aren't conversion rate specialists. By having separate teams, your project manager will work with you to ensure they do the best work for your business, but ensuring that you have one main point of contact.


Here Are Some Companies We've Worked With

Digital Marketing Services

Whether you need more traffic, better conversions or more sales on your website, we've got you covered!

Website Design


Get the best user experience and performance possible out of your new website. Love your website!

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher in search engines for valuable keyword phrases that your business needs to show up for.

Paid Search Ads

Paid Search

Optimize your paid ads for better conversions and a lower cost for more traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Whether it's paid or organic outreach, your campaign can skyrocket this year!

Talk To A Professional

Reach More Buyers Online Through Powerful Digital Marketing!


Happy Faces

You can't make everyone happy but we do it more often than the Ice Cream Man!

“It was very easy to communicate with them and they educated us a lot throughout the process.”

Sarah Kaan, NY

Best Website Designer

"Our rankings are better than they have ever been. They definitely exceeded expectations."

Ross Seymour, CA

“I’ve worked with several other vendors, but there is no comparing them to Clickflame.”

Mary Rosas, TX

Award Winning Digital Marketing!

Here are some of our awards for digital marketing and website design. Click the link below to see a list of everywhere we are online.

Clickflame Digital Marketing Awards

Digital Marketing Blog Roll

Best Website Design Standards

Best Website Design Standards How to Create the Best Website For Your Business. By Anthony Limpert Best website design means that you need to quantify what your website needs to do for your online visitors. Popular considerations include lead conversion, user engagement and monetizing your site’s traffic. In today’s marketplace, mobile website traffic is more

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Download 13 Steps Guaranteed To Bring Your Website Traffic

PDF download outlining 13 of the most powerful & free ways we bring in website traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the number of people going online increasing every day, digital marketing is the way you reach these people. Digital marketing is any form of marketing that exists online. This area of marketing includes any efforts that include the use of a digital device or the internet in general. Specific areas of digital marketing include search engine optimization, website design, email marketing, content marketing and social media. 

Advertising on say, a billboard would not be considered digital marketing, Advertising on Google Search however, would be reaching people on a search engine that are accessing this from a computer, tablet or mobile device. Advertising on Google Search would be digital marketing.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your business to show up better in search engines. Higher visibility for keyword phrases that your customers search can be a valuable asset to your companies growth online.

Paid ads are an advertising model that require a payment for each user click that a search engine or website brings to your company. These are defined under different terms and conditions based on what platform you are using. Popular platforms for paid advertisements include Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Most businesses will show up on Google search for a search of their business name if they have created a free Google My Business page for their company. However, in order to show up for more valuable keywords that show buying intent, usually a paid seo campaign or paid search campaign will be needed to make this happen.

Yes, with the majority of online traffic now coming from mobile devices, a non mobile friendly website will not show up very well online. Google has almost completely removed websites that are not mobile friendly from the front page of Google search and continues to penalize websites that have not converted to a mobile friendly platform.

Digital Marketers are people who have made a career out of digital marketing. With many different fields of study, this field has a mixture of different educational backgrounds. 

Content marketing is the practice of putting out content online to provide relevance and value to the people that come to your business online. With search engines like Google declaring that content is the single most important thing they want to see from a website or brand to get more search engine traffic this is a highly important part of any digital marketing campaign.

Depending on a local, national and international goal your competition could be months or even years ahead of you. Typically we can get our clients solidly in the top three positions in Google search for many keywords within the first 90 days. When working on a nationwide organic ranking this can take us up to a year to accomplish. We always pay careful attention to what your competitors are doing and how they got to where they are. By reverse engineering the search engine optimization steps your competitors have done in the past you can get ahead of them that much quicker.
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