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What are SEO Services?

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your business for a better ranking on Google and other popular search engines. SEO services, as the short term for search engine optimization, splits into several areas of specialty. These include local, organic, national, international, and on-site. Also known as search engine marketing, this can be the most cost-effective way to generate digital traffic to your website.

Why 1421 Digital For Your Search Engine Optimization?

Here at 1421 Digital, we use many strategies and tactics to help increase traffic. This includes off-site, local optimization, on-page SEO services, social media marketing, and Google Ads campaigns. Our clients receive free hosting for a year (with the purchase of a one or three-year contract). Plus, we offer a free consultation with our veteran team of SEO experts before starting your SEO services.

We build long-lasting relationships, so our clients can focus on what they do best, growing their business or online presence, while we take care of the rest. Rest assured that when you choose to work with 1421 Digital, you are working with the best name in digital marketing you could find.

Search engine optimization is an important tool in your online marketing strategy, and we are here to help you better understand everything that it entails to implement SEO services for your business or website. From content writing and blogging promotions to guest posting and submitting articles, we have years of experience for whatever you need.

At 1421 Digital, you’ll work with professionals who have extensive experience in both SEO services and local digital marketing. We’re experts at integrating online marketing strategies into your business to help you reach your objectives.

We’re local and national experts who have years of experience in the industry. Let us be your one-stop shop to learn more about SEO services! To read our full list of services, check out the rest of our blog, or contact us today for a free consultation at (855) 997-2966.


Consider different traffic channels as they best fit your business goals and needs.

Local SEO Services

Getting your business found in a city or surrounding cities can drive localized search traffic to your business. While this won’t make your phone ring off the hook, this style of localized marketing will get you a steady flow of phone calls every day from a small geographic area. This works especially well for service-based industries and contractors as an example.

On-Site Optimization

Website structure matters when trying to rank on any search engine. Many errors can be fixed quickly. Simply setting up a sitemap isn’t enough to get Google to read and digest every page of your website. Getting search engines to give you more traffic means getting as much of your on-site SEO services dialed in as possible. Consider this step 1 for a business wanting more digital traffic.

Organic Rankings

Where your website shows up in search results with your domain name showing is your website’s organic ranking. When you get your search terms to page one, your SEO services have just gotten started bringing you more calls and leads.

National Traffic

More enterprise-level businesses often need the draw of a nationwide audience over a local one. We work with publishers online all over the world with your SEO services. This means getting national or even international visibility with your SEO services.

How to get started

Figuring out what makes your competitors show up higher in search rankings can be a great guide to reverse engineer what already works for them. We would normally pull the site content, a scan of all the existing back links for a competing website and look to outperform what they are currently doing. Oftentimes, this practice will reveal powerful opportunities you may have missed in the implementation of everyday search marketing strategies.

Website Speed and Performance

Overall, user experience shows search engines which websites their search users prefer to spend time on. By fixing on speed and performance issues on your website you can provide a better overall user experience. This is one tactic that allows you to quickly outperform even the largest competitors in your marketplace. When we start on a new search campaign, this is one of the areas we pay the most attention to for the first week until all issues that can be resolved are resolved.

Scale & Grow

Now that you’ve completed your research, improved the site speed and performance what’s next? Adding guest posts, directory citations and healthy back links to your website are areas to further improve your website rankings. Search Engine Marketing is not a one time effort but can take months or years of effort to get more and more traffic. By continuing to work on the keywords that are most valuable to your business you can dominate your industry in both the short and long term. Remember to always reference the data your campaign has harvested for you as one of the most valuable assets for continued growth.

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How to get started

Showing up once on the first page of Google is great, showing up several times within the local map pack, organic rankings, reviews, and social sites is even better. We practice authority marketing as well when it comes to search engine marketing. When you’re able to show that your company is not just another option on the first page of a search engine, but instead the best option, this will not only improve your campaign but also improve your ability to convert traffic into paying customers. Getting started with your SEO services campaign is exciting but has many steps to complete.

Use more than one SEO services strategy

By making certain that you are using multiple strategies that do not interfere with each other you can make the most aggressive efforts possible for your company. Using local directory citations to build a safe foundation of beginning links for a new E-Commerce website would be one such example. Always starting with any project with a focus on on-site optimization methods is a very important step as well. Relying on an assorted style of backlinks is also an opportunity for a stronger profile. As long as you are continuing to provide relevance and value to the search engine visitors who find you you will win consistently.

Disavow Unhealthy Links

One often overlooked area of concern for any search marketing campaign is to remove the liability associated with having poor or spammy backlinks. These kinds of links could accidentally appear over time or be maliciously put there by a competitor. Some of the ones we see often are websites in a foreign language that you don’t service, or websites with a list of thousands of other website links that you are listed on.

By submitting a list of unhealthy links like this to Google, you can request that your website not be penalized for these links existing. While you can also attempt to reach out to the webmaster where the backlinks exist, most of the time you will not get a response in a timely manner. Creating a disavow file may sound daunting, but the process is fairly simple and can be done for most web properties within an hour or so. Unhealthy links can really hurt your SEO services campaign.