AI Voice Calling

What is AI Voice Calling?

AI voice calling is the process of using artificial intelligence to contact customers on your behalf. With the rising growth of this as a conversion tool, we have begun to offer this through our AI voice calling partners at Technologicall.

AI Voice?

You might not have ever heard of such technology. This new AI voice component can create instances where your company may have lost the business due to missing a phone call but instead, talks with potential customers. Sound confusing? Sure is, that’s what we’re hear to help you with.


How To Get Started With AI Voice Calling?

First you have to design your customized AI voice calling robot. This is where understanding what is AI voice calling will be the most important. Have a specific goal in mind of what you want to communicate to your customers and how.

Funnel Optimization

Getting started with AI voice calling means more people moving through your daily funnel. Most calendar appointments, more jobs and less time spent for humans talking on the phone.

Your Army Of AI Avatars

Don’t worry, you’ll never hear about the last avatar here, we never run out of new automation bots to help your business grow. Ever play a simulated game where they build a city or town? Imagine that but instead of you controlling the growth, the AI bots did it all while you slept and you woke up to a masterpiece. That’s what AI voice calling can do for your business.


Recent News Regarding AI Voice Calling

In an article today, on 02/08/2024, there was some clarification on the usages of AI voice calling for your company. Like most marketing communications, it is important to have your customers permission before marketing to them.

For bad actors though, NPR was posting today about how the misuse of AI technology on a sales call can fall under the terms used to discourage junk calls in America.

Whatever the case use may be, it’s fair to say that if your using it to provide a good experience for your customers then you are fine. We will see this technology develop over the coming years. hopefully more for a positive influence on the customer buying process than anything else.