Best Website Design Standards

Best Website Design

How to Create the Best Website For Your Business.

By Anthony Limpert

Best website design means that you need to quantify what your website needs to do for your online visitors. Popular considerations include lead conversion, user engagement and monetizing your site’s traffic.

In today’s marketplace, mobile website traffic is more likely to find your website than desktop. With Google’s new Mobile First Indexing taking effect, designing your website for mobile traffic first is a safe bet.

While the majority of your website traffic will choose to take action above the fold (the section of your website that immediately shows when a person comes to your domain on a digital device), it is important to offer multiple routes of conversion as other users look further inwards. On average, you’ll want to ask a person to take action with a clear path to conversion at least 3 times per web page.

Website speed and performance are a huge part of why some succeed and some fail. With near perfect load times and user experience, you are that much more likely to succeed online.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.”

Cameron Mull

Website Optimization

In order for your website to reach the most people it must load quickly and provide clear paths of navigation. By keeping your website’s load time under three seconds, you can consider this a basic metric of success. There is much research on how many people leave a website after it fails to load in just three seconds. Over 60% of your traffic will go elsewhere in today’s impatient world.

Making certain that you use optimized photo files, identify your meta data and optimizing your on site settings for search engines are other important steps to take action on as well.

Notice in the above image of how in the immediate above the fold content, a user is given three separate routes of conversion. With a grand total of 101 different internal or converting links on this home page, this page converts an amazing 27.9% when factoring in all traffic channels we bring to this website.

Speed & Performance Matter

Working with WordPress can be the highest performing content management system if optimized correctly. We like to use tools like and to figure out what barriers to better performance exist.
Oftentimes, modifying image file size and quality can be a major contributor to your overall website performance. Combining css and js files will be another step to a high performing website. Working with the best possible design and development standards ensures that the digital marketing we’re doing has the highest chance for conversion possible.
Many new and potential clients we meet feel frustrated because of the discovery of performance and speed issues. We make certain to ease this pain by doing website optimization to a WordPress website at no charge for a new client. This way, our clients get the best results without the large undertaking of building a totally new website.

FAQ’S For This Page

What is Lead Conversion on a Website?

Lead conversion on a website is when your website acquires a user that continues on to convert into an action or engagement. This could be in the form of a phone call, opt in form, visiting your physical location or placing an online order.

What is User Engagement

User engagement signals show how people interact with your website. Some visitors will come to your website and make a decision to leave, some will take action immediately and some still will read further into your website to see if you are the right choice for them.

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